Friday, July 20, 2018

Dont have the money? Try this!

When I am out looking to recruit team members, I find most people tell me they just dont have the money to start a business.  I have been doing some research on other businesses and their start up costs.  And to my surprise, they are high...some hundreds of dollars, some as little as $50.

And so when I started my business it was so much lower.  The best part of this business is we have different priced packages.  You can spend $100 on a starter kit if you want.  Dont have the money? Then you can try a $50 kit or even a $25 kit.

But for a short time (expires on August 6th) you can get an Avon starter kit for only $10.  In the starter kit you will receive 2 Best of Beauty Sample Packs, 10 Lipstick bullets, 5 Anew samples, 5 Skin So Soft Samples, 10 brochures and a FREE online store.

You earn 40% when you start AND earn up to $546 in products and sales tools.

Are you tired of just getting by?  Need additional income?  Ask me how....become a member of my team today!

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