Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dry No More

Certain medical conditions can give you dry skin.  I recently found out that if you have a thyroid problem you are prone to dry skin.  I never had that problem because I am a big user of skin creams.

Hand cream is always in my bag and I use it constantly.  Bed time routine finds me lathering on my hands and arms and then I use a foot cream (Foot Works is amazing) for my feet.  Feels like I have silk on them in the morning.

But lately I have been a bit lazy and have now found my legs are getting now I have started a routine of adding creams to my legs.  After two weeks they are soft and non-scaly - and I owe it all to Moisture Therapy....I keep this big bottle on my nightstand so I do not forgetmy beauty treatment at night.....How is your skin?

This big 33 oz Bonus Size is now only $10.99 each....there are three kinds.  One for sensitive skin, one for extra dry skin and one for dry itchy skin....check it out on page 19 of this campaign's
 brochure here

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