Saturday, July 1, 2017

Online Shopping

Shop my Avon eStore for all of your makeup, fragrance & skincare needs! #AvonRep

Why?  Because it is raining with thunder and lightening and where would you rather be?  Running in the rain looking for shelter - OK you are in the store already....but you still have to get to your car.  Getting wet - feeling cold.....

Why not stay home and order online.  It takes minutes, easy on the feet and you save money - why?  Because if you are out shopping then you are using gas and of course, you must stop to grab a bite to eat.

Now you are home, saving money on gas and plenty of food in that refrigerator.  And because you are taking the time to read this blog I am going to give you a code to use....TO GET FREE SHIPPING ON AN ORDER OF $25 OR MORE TODAY.


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