Sunday, July 30, 2017

How to try out a Beauty Product

We all want to do it.  Buy more beauty products.  We all need another lipstick, another foundation and of course there is always another beauty cream to try.  Sometimes using the same old stuff becomes boring or even better, as we age our skin changes and therefore, we need a change in beauty supplies.

But as we all know, that can be expensive.  The prices of beauty supplies today has sky rocketed and sometimes it is out of our reach.  Or better yet, why pay those prices for a product you dont like, does nothing for your beauty or better yet, you have a reaction to.

So what to do?  Try out the product.  We cant buy it and then return it to the store...because stores don't do that.  You buy it, you keep it.  And at those prices - well, its like throwing money out the window.  Is there a way to try out a product?

Yes, I am happy to say there are companies that give out samples of their products and Avon is one of them.  A recent blog I read gives you pointers on how to ask for samples - The Art of Asking for Samples - and she has some very good should get samples before trying the product.

As a seller of beauty products I am always giving out samples.  Ask and I will be glad to give them to you (If I have it, or will order it for you) or even mail them to you.  When anyone purchases products from my e-store I send the a thank you with samples.  So don't be embarrassed to ask for samples, it's how to make customers happy!

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