Sunday, July 2, 2017

Birthday Cake and Pool Party

Despite the downpour of rain threatening us, Saturday was a wet day anyway.  Celebrating our grandson’s birthday remained the thing to do and off to the pool we went.  The splashes and smiles on everyone’s face was amazing and did a grandma’s heart good.
Having fun is what children should do… was a great day and the rain held off until we were all at home resting….
A great start to my first Retirement Day!


  1. That is a great start to your first Retirement Day! I'm glad the rain held off. Happy Birthday to your grandson, and Happy Retirement to you!

    1. Thanks Brenda, hasnt kicked in yet as I am off during the summer any way but come September it will be great. The birthday party was great, have another next week...lots of grandbabies, lots of parties...