Saturday, June 3, 2017

Now Hiring

Are you a stay at home Mom? Love your kids but want to add a challenge to your life? Well, I have the answer and now is the time because I am HIRING.

I was a Stay at Home Mom too. I had 5 children within 7 years. I loved it, loved staying at home - it was like having my own day care center..but somewhere around my last baby I felt a little overwhelmed with diapers and bottles and just needed something to define me.

That is when I found AVON.  I worked it for 8 years and made extra money - when I wanted to go out at night I didnt have to hit the household money to do so.  Then I returned to work full time and decided to stop selling because I was also attending school at night.

Fast forward about 20 years - all the kids are grown with families of their own....and I am nearing I decided to go back to something I loved.  I started selling again two years ago and making money - so now in a few weeks I will be retired and working my Avon more.  Also will be spending my earnings on vacations and....whatever I want to do - without touching my pension.
Now with computers it is easier than ever - delivery comes in two days and my customers have their orders one to two days later.  I give my customers samples and discounts codes.....I also have a team and love teaching them what I have learned....whether they are in my neighborhood or in another state....through technology we keep in touch.

Are you interested?  Try it - I have never had a team member not love it.....unless you really dont need the extra money (and who says that?) me today or go straight to 

Use reference code - ashapiro - to join my team.

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