Sunday, May 14, 2017

Avon Leadership

When I began my journey with Avon I did it not only to supplement my income, but also to extend my social being.  With the future holding my retirement I still looked forward to meeting new people and getting out more.  My friends at work will still be in contact with me, but during the day of course they will be working - and I will be at home.

Not that I will have nothing to do - just being able to shop in the morning without the crowds sounds good to me.  Having breakfast out with hubby, taking some side road trips....and then being able to work my Avon business during the day instead of after work and on weekends.

In two years I have worked my customer base up to 50 customers in my neighborhood, and 30 online. I also have reps that signed up under me and I love tutoring them.  Those in the neighborhood have constant contact while those out of state are in touch via email, text and phone calls.

I love being a leader and helping out my reps.  Together we are making Avon not only a business but also a family.

Would you like to join my family?  Ask me how - contact me today and I will be happy to send you all the information you need to join.  Ready to join?  Go to my website and click on the Boss Life box

You wont regret joining such a great establishment, meeting new people and making it part time or full time like me. Here is what you get when you join:

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