Friday, April 21, 2017

Always on my Mind

So I finished a full day's work today and a busy one.  Payroll is always a deadline kind of job.  But I did get every one paid on time.  After an exhausting day I started on the way home first to drop off my grandson - and then I received a call from hubby.  He said to pick up some dinner on the way home.  So I decided to stop at the local deli for some food.

The deli is on a pretty busy street with many other stores on one side and quite a few houses on the other.  And as I was parking I realized - now would be a good time to do some Avon business.  It's a job that can be done anywhere - anytime

So before I hit the deli I dropped off books at the local nail salon, and the laundromat on that block.  After I ordered and received the deli I placed the bag in my car and then crossed the street to toss some books on the steps of the houses there.

I love Avon - its a job you can do when you least expect it - when you are not planning on doing it - or in between other things you are doing.

Have you thought of becoming a rep?  Do it part time or full time - it fits in any where and who wouldn't like the extra money?

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  1. I've seen our school secretary on payroll day, and it is a lot of work! That's great you were able to drop off some Avon books on your way home. I hope you get sales from them.