Sunday, March 5, 2017

Find me on Google

Yes, I can now be found on Google.
Are you one of my customers?  Then you know how much I cherish my customers.  Even when you order online, I will send you a “thank you” sample envelope because I do appreciate everyone of my customers.  I know money situations are usually the same for most people.  And although Avon has great prices on makeup and jewelry – we all look for something #free.  I like to offer my customers #freeshipping (right now by using code RA2503 you can get free shipping on only a $25 order)

So when a customer orders from me – nearby customers I deliver to always get  little extra treats in their delivery bag – and I also mail out those extra samples to my online customers – they come from all over – as far as California and as close as Chicago.

Not sure if you want to buy Avon – fill out the contact sheet to the right and I will mail you free samples –  no obligation to buy.  Meantime, if you are already a customer  I would appreciate a review on Google just to let others know how much you enjoy being my customer.  Just search – Avon by Agnes…….

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