Friday, March 3, 2017

Why should you shop with me?

I have found that a lot of people in this day and age dont bother with an Avon Rep - why?  well, anyone can go online and buy what they want.  Who needs a middle man (woman) to pressure them or push more products.  You know what you want - go online and order it.....but
Not everyone realizes there are perks you get when you have a Representative on your side.
  1. Your own dedicated representative - your personal shopper with custom service and specialized beauty advice.  She knows all the secrets.
  2. Pre-sales - take advantage of special product launches before they are available to the public.
  3. Free Rep delivery -  enjoy the convenience of ordering on with an added personal touch (if you live in my neighborhood you can order online, and have it delivered to me - no shipping costs - and I will deliver to you with some extra free goodies (I love to spoil my customers).
  4. You are supporting my dream, you are shopping with a friend and encouraging me to do well - so well, I plan to retire from my full time job to do this as my passion.
So if you live in my neighborhood - I service area codes 11229 and 11234 - contact me - I also do a brochure mailing once a month - and you dont have to live in my neighborhood to get on my mailing list....I would love to be your Avon Lady.  Dont live in my neighborhood?  Become part of my team and sell Avon - Ask me how or join at reference code: ashapiro
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  1. I think we will all miss the personal touch.

  2. I know one of my favorite things about buying from you is knowing I'm helping you achieve your dreams.

    1. Thank you are a great customer; hope you like the thank you samples I enjoy sending you.


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