Monday, March 20, 2017

Just For Your Ears

Every woman - since they were young - has wanted to wear earrings.   There is something dressy about wearing them.  Mine stay on 24/7 with changes here and there depending on the clothing I wear and where I am going.

Avon sells jewelry and one of the best jewelry they sell is their earrings.  They are goldtone, and silvertone and even rose tone. And their prices are amazing.  Take these earrings (by the way I just sold two pair)
This picture does not do them any justice so if you would like a clearer picture go straight to my site and check out a great deal (2 for $22)   

They are Lightweight but with loads of sparkle! Dazzle in a pair of Rare Elements earrings. The teardrop pair beautifully showcases various shaped faux-stones.

• Fishhook with rubber stopper
• Earrings are 1 1/2" L (total earring measurement is 1 1/8" x 1 5/8")
• Stones measure 4mm (round), 4mm x 6mm (teardrop), 3mm x 6mm (marquis), 4mm x 4mm (square)
• Pierced
• Weighs 13 grams

I sold a blue and a clear - but they also come in black and rose stone.  Dont forget to click on the special offer to get that great price!

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  1. Congratulations on your sales! Those are very pretty earrings. Unfortunately, I don't wear earrings anymore.


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