Thursday, March 16, 2017

Campaign 8 Shopping Spree

Campaign 8 is looking a lot like Spring.  Have you been buried under 3 feet of snow  "Feeling the cold" but would like to feel the heat instead?

Look no further because we have spring for you just around the corner.  Spring dresses, shoes and sandals are coming your way and what better way to do shopping than from your chair at home with all at your fingertips.

So you dont live in my neighborhood and you dont belong to my mailing list......but you would like to see the latest brochure of Avon products.....have no fear - flip through it today.

Just by going through the book you will find great deals at great prices - and there is always free shipping......browse now by clicking on the link below:

Flip through the Avon brochure & shop your favorites right from your computer or phone! #AvonRep


  1. It's been nice and warm here in CA, in fact it looks like the picture, but of course less green since we're in a drought. Anyway, that dress is really pretty.

  2. Love that dress - waiting for a customer to buy but most of my customers are into the shirts and shoes.


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