Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Knee Time

I recently got diagnosed with very bad arthritis in my knees ( I am getting old) and was told I would need knee replacement surgery (yeah, right - 3 months of recuperation and physical therapy - no way).
I am the type of person who cant sit still - yes, I can when I want to read - otherwise, I need to be busy, especially during the day.  So I opted for another way to ease the pain.  And this included gel injection in the knee.
That was back in December and then I found out the whole process needed insurance approval, which may take up to 3 months.  Well, between the doctor's assistant and my constant phone calls - we did it in one month.  The meds came in (apparently there are three injections to complete the procedure) and today was the first.
OMG - after waiting in the office for two hours, I finally got to see the doctor.  He takes out this huge needle - and I closed my eyes - literally - and he proceeds to prod my knee for the right spot - injects lidocaine to numb it - that hurt and then injects the gel  - I am sitting here typing this with the leg up - it hurts.  And the thought of doing it two more times scares me.  I did ask the doctor if I would feel better tomorrow and he answered "I hope so."
So I am hoping so too......but we will see....Meantime, I have my Avon orders to deliver tomorrow - maybe a glass of wine will help?
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  1. I'm so sorry your in pain! I hope it helps and your knee feels better tomorrow. I understand not wanting to be cooped up for 3 months.