Monday, February 13, 2017

Here We Go Again

I just got the announcement that Avon will be discontinuing their coupons and great deals.  You can no longer go to Ebates, or use Retail Me Not to get the deals.  So Avon Reps are unhappy since we know our customers love deals and coupons and free shipping.

Of course you can always get free shipping when you spend $40, but some of my customers just don't want to or even can't spend that much.  And it is something I truly understand - because - I am the same way.  I have shopped online and used coupons, free shipping, ebates, etc. - anything to get that final charge down.

But today I received an email from Avon - and if you have registered on my site you received the same email - that you can get free shipping when only spending $25 on Avon.  I love these deals.  It is a Valentine Surprise!

So enjoy your Valentine's Day and use the code XOXO to get that free shipping now - because I dont know when will be the next time Avon will have this deal.  But I will definitely let you know......
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1 comment:

  1. That's too bad that they're discontinuing some coupons and deals, but at least they're offering a good free shipping coupon for now.