Saturday, February 25, 2017

A new day - a new customer

You never know what the day holds for you.  And I love that I can start my day like that and be surprised as I go along.  Sitting here at my computer I must say I woke up early this morning and did my usual Saturday routine....stopped for the newspaper for hubby, stopped for Dunkin Donuts coffee for both of us and stopped at the bakery for our weekly rolls.  We like to splurge on Saturdays.

Hubby needed a haircut so while he was in the salon I checked my emails....and was delighted that I now have another new team member.  While she doesn't come from my state of NY - with today's technology we can communicate via email, phone and/or texts.  I have already reached out to her and will be sending what I like to call - my welcome package.  I like to be hands on with my team because I remember how it felt when I started two years ago.  So many questions and no one to ask.

Then off to the nail salon where while hubby got a manicure and I decided it was time for a pedicure. Actually hubby decided since I have been scratching him with my feet claws.  It felt good and now they look pretty too.  While in the nail salon I placed some more current Avon books on their table. (They are great, they let me leave books there and I am lucky to get so many customers from just leaving the books there.)

As I am placing the books down, a customer there said "Oh you're the Avon Lady?"  Yes, I am..and now that she has met me she gave me an order.  Some people like the face to face contact.  Said she used to sell a long time ago so I proceeded to try to get her to join my team - but she wasn't interested....but that's ok - not everyone wants to sell...having her as a customer is fine with me.

Relaxing now until the grandkids come over for a sleep over tonight while their parents get some alone time.  Looking forward to spending time with my little munchkins.

Oh, and if I peeked your interest in my Avon Team....check it out here at or join at - use reference code - ashapiro

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