Thursday, February 16, 2017


So I took the day off today to get my third and last injection.  They wouldn't give me an evening appointment so I had to take the day.  Not that I cant but it seems one day away from work makes me get behind three days of work.  I have a routine that I follow and now I have to do catch up.  But I had no choice.  Sitting here after arriving home two hours ago and nursing my knee.  It is sore (from the injections) and a bit stiff.  But it usually takes 24 hours to feel better.

The best news is I am done with the injections and only have a follow up in six weeks.  By that time it will be spring and baseball will be in motion - and I will feel better.

Hoping these injections do the job so that I can begin walking more and even step up my business.  My job at Avon involves talking and meeting with people and my knee problem was making that difficult.  Of course my grandson, love him, does a lot of tossing of books for me in different neighborhoods (for the price of Burger King) and while that helps I really enjoy meeting new people and getting the word out about Avon.

My online orders are getting much better and since people order online and leave their address I have built up a contact file and often mail out samples and "thank you's" to all my customers.  I takes time and a bit of money but I think customers like that personal touch.

I also mail out samples to anyone who asks and am willing to even put you on my monthly mailing list for my brochures.  Think about it - interested?  contact me for a book today!  Or fill out the form to the right of this blog to request one.  You wont be sorry - especially since there are wonderful sales going on now.  Have a great day!

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  1. I'm sorry you had to miss work for your knee injection, but I'm glad it's done. I hope your knee starts feeling better soon. I love that your grandson is willing to help with the Avon brochures, even if there is a reward.