Friday, January 20, 2017

Want to look younger?

Who doesn't - but how to do that is another story.  There comes a time when those wrinkles start showing up and while some people call them laugh lines - they are what they are - wrinkles.  I have noticed that some people wrinkle more than others.  I have never quite understood why.  I do know that if you are a smoker - you tend to get more wrinkles.  Especially around the mouth area.
My mother was a great example of that.  But where are my wrinkles?

Well I have never smoked and since my 20s I have always used moisturizer.  And it has paid off.  The only way to have young wrinkle free skin is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

And as you know those moisturizers cost a lot of money.  Even Avon has gone up on price with some of their Anew creams.  But speaking from experience, they work.  Dont have the money right now to start of new moisturizers.  Well, we hear you...that is why Avon has come out with a new one..NutraEffects for every skin imaginable....take a look at the chart below and find your skin type - and for only $15 a jar you can get the power of seed - chia seeds in a cream suitable for sensitive skin.....order yours now at

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  1. That sounds like an interesting product. I never knew you could use a product from chia seeds, on your skin. It is a nice price.

    1. It is amazing. I try all the products I sell..this is great for sensitive skin...the price is great too. The Anew creams I also use are much more than the Nutraeffects..if you want I would be happy to send you samples...(free, of course) Just tell me which ones you would like to try.


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