Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Year of the Rooster

It's Chinese New Year and although I am not Chinese I come to look forward to this culture every year.  Maybe working in a school exposes me to many cultures and it always amazes me of all the things you can learn from others.

I have learned how to say it in Chinese:
And love the above picture of a bamboo plant - I happen to have one on my kitchen window sill.  The easiest plants to take care of since they are in water - and just adding some more water makes them grow.

This year it is the year of the Rooster - but I was born under the year of the Pig - while I do not eat pig (due to my culture) I was happy to find out that my sign means - Honorable, philanthropic, determined, optimistic, sincere, sociable.  (I try to be all those)

Also there are certain taboos, like  ..............

Chinese New Year's Day Taboos 
To be avoided on the first day of the Chinese New Year: 
1. Medicine: Taking medicine on the first day of the lunar year means one will get ill for a whole year. 
2. New Year's breakfast: Porridge should not be eaten because it is considered that only poor people have porridge for breakfast and people don't want to start the year “poor” as this is a bad omen. 
3. Laundry: People do not wash clothes on the first and second day because these two days are celebrated as the birthday of Shuishen (水神,  the Water God).
    (the complete list can be found here )
Whatever your culture is you can no doubt enjoy others because whatever our cultures are we are all believers in good, sharing good, wanting good and making this world a better place to live in peace.   GUNG HAY FAT CHOY

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