Sunday, January 1, 2017


I recently had an online conversation with someone who loves cats.  How wonderful they were and how like children there are times we have to take care of them medically.  We sometimes think animals live forever and dont realize like humans, they have ills also.

Taking care of them is more challenging since they cant talk to you.  Recently my DIL found out her cat was diabetic and now has to give him two shots a humans their needs are exhausting and like so many, we go out of our way to make them comfortable.

I have had dogs more than cats - hubby was allergic to my cat that I had when single, so I gave her away to someone who took her to Puerto Rico to live.  So- most of my married life we cared for a dog - medium size - and she grew up with my children.  Until she also got ill and several visits to the vet finally left us the decision to bring her home to die in a day or two or put her down.  We chose the later and still have not gotten another dog - we miss her so much.

Pets can be a joy that stays with you forever but when you lose them, the heart is so heavy with sadness.....Maybe some day I will get another dog or cat...but for now I get to enjoy other people's pets...

Are you a pet person??

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  1. I have always been a pet person. Of all shapes and sizes. Birds. Cats. Dogs. Goats. Horses. Guinea pigs. Mice. And never only one at a time. lol


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