Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Year 2017

As I sit here at my computer and ponder the last few days of 2016, and come across all the famous people who have passed away in this year, although the old bones are not the same as they were last year (2015) I find I am thankful that I have a full life and am reasonably able to get around.

Having come from the doctor this morning and being told I need knee surgery, I could feel sorry for myself.  I have been in and out of hospitals too many times to even think of going back in.  I hate it. But then again who loves going into the hospital.  I am opting for an injection which I hope will hold me over until the summer.  Of course I have to wait for insurance approval first.  I am lucky though to still be working full time; to have a part time business (Avon) and manage to keep up with the grandkids.

So here is to 2017 (wine glass in hand) - may you go slowly so that I can enjoy the sunrises, the sunsets, grandkids smiles, more birthdays, more holidays - more books to read; my road to retirement, my new found business and new customers, my children's happiness - Because we never know what tomorrow may bring.....and if it rains - then dont forget to dance .... love, live and laugh.

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  1. I'm sorry you're going to need knee surgery. I hope the injections will hold you over to the summer. I hope you have a wonderful 2017!


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