Monday, December 26, 2016

It's All Over

So the anticipation, the shopping and the stress has finally passed and all is well in our little town.  Did you ever think you would survive?  Why do we put so much stress on ourselves?  Somehow it all comes together, we manage to finish our shopping, buy and make all that food, clean and decorate the house and make it through the holidays.

And with these final days of celebration comes the end of this long year called 2016.
Here's to hoping the new one - 2017 - brings less stress and more appreciation of the finer things in life - like a child's first steps; the kiss from a loved one; the hugs of a toddler; random acts of kindness; a door held open for you; a chair pulled out; a visit to an elder; shoveling your neighbor's sidewalk; taking your child to the park for the day; putting down the electronics for the day;  calling your mom more often; and donating to your favorite charity.

I am sure there are more....feel free to add to my list.
Meantime, have a healthy and happy 2017!


  1. I do feel that way! It's so exhausting preparing for Christmas, but then it's sad that it's over. It did turn out nice, and that's a relief! I hope to remember to appreciate all of those little things more in 2017. Hopefully that will help me complain less.

  2. And here we are, another year later - I hope your 2017 was a fabulous year - and now on to 2018--Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Linda, actually it was mixed. While I was happy to retire and love it; hubby is a heart patient and was in the hospital. But he is better now and we are both looking forward to 2018. Happy New Year!


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