Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Earn $1000 in 90 days

When I first started this job, it was with the intention of doing it part time for extra money - as a mom of five and grandma of 9 - I could use all the extra money I could get.  I find myself even more generous with the grandkids than I did with my own children.

You know the saying - if mom says no - go ask grandma - and grandpa is worse - who ever heard of $5 for losing your baby teeth?
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So this extra money came in handy - but alas, I have been at it for almost two years now and I can easily say I can retire and make this my full part-time job (the reason for retiring is to do less work, not more) but I would be able to give this job full attention and the best part is I can make my own hours.

I am always on call with Avon and you can work it anywhere and anytime...... and just tonight I met an old friend who was with her friend and after catching up - I gave them both books and my business card - always working my Avon side.  I also have a team of great people who I am mentoring and helping with their business.  My job grows everyday and I love it - and they say you should love what you do - do you love what you do?  do you need some extra money?  Now that the holidays are almost over - think about what you will do in 2017 - make it a kickstart year.....Ask me how - or check out my website at

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