Saturday, December 31, 2016

Better Than Last Year

When I started my part time job selling Avon I did it because I wanted to make extra money (who doesn't) so I would not have to dip into household money for things I wanted (not needed)...even dinner out with the ladies would come out of that income....
And so I put some work into Avon in between my full time job and watching the grandkids.  So actually you might say I have a busy life.  I love my job (working in a school affords me a lot of days off) and I love my grandkids (9 of them keep me busy) but after two years with Avon and each year making more than the last......I am really into making this business my life.  The grandkids are growing up so fast and even though I am blessed to have them all around (even the 15 year old hangs out with grandma and grandpa) in 2017 I am going to concentrate more on selling my Avon and actually think of retiring...maybe.
It is quite easy since I run it out of my home; do a lot of contacts online; and everywhere I go I carry brochures, business cards and samples to hand out to anyone and everyone.  This week while I was home for winter break and relaxing in my home, I received a call from someone who picked up my book at the nail salon I go to (they allow me to leave books there every week) So I now have another new customer and when I deliver her order next week I will be dropping off books on her block.
I recently picked up several online customers and made friends with people from - Chicago - Texas - New Jersey - Washington - California (thank you Brenda for the order; you're the best!)  I am also looking to build my team - I have one team member so far and love helping her with this job.
With prices going up everyday, who wouldn't want a little extra money?  So if you are interested in joining my team - its easy - Go to and enter reference code - ashapiro -  and you are on your way....Questions?  Contact me through my website at

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