Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The trend is.....

You hear everyday that there is a trend.  Fashion trends, toy trends, shoe trends, etc.  And of course there is always jewelry trends.  A famous movie star wears a necklace and all of a sudden that becomes the trend...a must-have.

Why dont you start your own trend?  With the holidays coming and parties beginning to crop up (Thanksgiving is next week, what better way to show off than at your family dinner?)

Check it out now at my estore.....
Because Avon is more than makeup!!


  1. I was just looking through my catalog tonight, and they do have beautiful jewelry!

  2. I know Brenda, it takes all my willpower to stop myself from buying them even though my cost is cheaper as a seller....I have a few pieces though and when my customers buy the pieces look better than in the catalog..