Monday, November 7, 2016

Team Power

Since becoming an Avon leader I have met some wonderful people.  Like any other business I like to get out there and talk to others.  Just striking up a conversation leads to the best question ever - and that is - Would you like a free brochure?  I am getting better at asking and dont get offended if someone refuses.  Every day there are opportunities to meet people and show them my business.

Today I went "tossing" with my grandson.  We tossed about 40 books and hopefully someone will be in need of the wonderful items available.  Especially this time of the year, holiday items are in abundance

One of the questions I am always asked is "How much can I make?" And believe me with the new program that started Sept 16 you make 40% - that is alot - if you have $150 in orders you would earn $60, a $300 order, you earn $120.  All you have to do is ask people you know that wear make up, use deodorant, use moisturizers, bubble bath, wears jewelry, etc....and ask why can't they purchase those items from you instead of Walmart, CVS or other retail store. You know the prices are going to be better.  And of course the product is so much better too.  One thing I can commit to is the fact that I wear Avon....from their deodorant, to their hair products, to their makeup and hand and body creams.  When I recommend an item to my customer it is not only because I want to sell it but also because I use it and know for a fact that it is the best.

And now Avon has 3 packages you can choose from depending on how much you can or want to spend of starter kits....wish they had this choice when I joined....the premium kit is worth $400 - you can start selling right away with the products and samples you receive in that kit.....dont pass up an opportunity to be selling like a pro....

Does this make you interested?  Want to start selling Avon?  Ask me how - I will be your mentor and together we will grow our me through my website at or leave a comment here on my blog.....

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