Thursday, October 6, 2016

Buy One Get One Free

Just in time for the fall weather. Just in time for the start of the holidays. What a better way to make your house smell so good. I sometimes wish I could put one in my car...but alas that is not a good idea.
And right now Avon is selling them as buy one, get one free. In Campaign 21 you can buy candles in scents such as fresh apple, whipped pumpkin, fireside and lakeside cabin. All Fall scents....and at a great price of only $19.99 each - but if you buy one you can get one FREE.
They have 3 wicks, 11 oz candle that gives 30 hours of burn time. The glass jar has a metal cover. Made in the USA.
Order the apple (Item #384104) or the pumpkin (item #602385) or the fireside (item #93282) or lakeside (item #261963)

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