Monday, September 12, 2016

Thinking about doing it???

So you havent made up your mind yet.  You keep asking yourself - Why should I sell Avon

This sounds like a lot of work.  I already have a full time job so why would I take on a part time job?  Besides, I already use my favorite makeup - would I have to start using Avon makeup in order to sell more?

Like you, I couldnt make up my mind either.  I have a full time job and while my children are all grown there are 9 grandchildren running in and out of my house at any given time. So why would I want to add to my already busy life?
I sold it once before and gave it up so how would I know if I would continue to do this again. Well, the first time I sold Avon, my youngest of five was just born.  I had a two year old, a four year old, a five year old and a six year old.  So 3 were in school and I had two at home. I sold Avon  for 8 years, loved it, and it helped add to our income.  The teenage years were upon us along with a dog and grandpa - so I decided it was time to stop and get a full time job. But I did miss it. Plus the extra money is always welcome.

Well, here I am - selling Avon again - and its a whole new world with computers.  Years ago everything was done by hand and paper.  Now it is all done online - your orders go in online, payment is done online and other than delivery of is so much easier.  I put orders in with an Avon app on my phone sometimes.  I am always out there meeting new people and you would be surprised at how many people love Avon.  February makes two years that I am a Rep - I have started to grow my team (they didnt have that back then) and am seriously thinking of making this my full time job.  No matter where you are you can run your business....texting is my favorite form of contacting customers and they reply right away.

Even people who say they dont like Avon - they really do.

For instance, this morning a new customer decided to try one of my lipsticks.  She bought it, tried it and came back to me to say she loved it and will definitely be buying more. Sometimes all it takes is one lipstick.  And even if they are not sure, I give out samples...what's better than trying a sample lipstick and loving it.

I am now growing my team and it is so easy.  Once you sign up with me, I will contact you and walk you through anything you need to know.  How do you know you will succeed or not if you dont try?  Dont like it? You can always quit but again I am sure you will love it and succeed.  Are you personable?  Talking to strangers is not my forte but it is amazing how I gently eased into it and now I hand out books to anyone.  I have never had a person turn me down and if they do say no - well, I tell them its "free" and also hand them a sample.

If this blog has swayed you, please go to and use the reference code ashapiro to get you on your journey.  Now only $15 - price to go up starting Sept 16 but not by much - $25...

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