Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mom, Mommy, Mother

This blog has been prompted by some other blogs out there on the subject.  Of course, it comes from present day moms raising their little ones right now.  I have raised my five children and must admit I did a good job – with some help from hubby.  You see, as a new mom the only help I had was hubby and he took over the load when things got so overwhelming that I needed a time out. (Yes, moms need a time out too).

As I read other blogs about motherhood I see so many moms getting to the same point.  Yes, motherhood is a big job.  One we never had training for.  Although today’s moms sometimes get help from their own mothers.  I never had that help but managed to raise these kids into great human beings.  Was it easy? No, nothing worth having is ever easy.  But the end result is what is why it is worth it.  I am so proud of my children and have come to the point in  my life where I can sit back and enjoy my family around me.
Now that they have given me 9 grandchildren to hug and kiss, I see what the end result really is and love every minute of spoiling these little ones…so while I am still Mom, Mommy and Mother – I have also become – Grandma and  Bubbe ….

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  1. Yes, motherhood is a big job! I'm sure it's really neat to see how your kids have become wonderful parents, and to know you did a great job raising them. It's nice to see someone be able to see the positive in a sometimes overwhelming situation. Thanks for this encouraging post.