Saturday, August 13, 2016

Word of the Week: Misanthrope

Definition: a person who hates or mistrusts humankind.....

When I first came along this word my first thought was of all the bombings and killings going on all over the world.  People who hate people and find the need to kill innocent human beings.  It is a word that I would use to describe these kinds of people.

But after looking into the meaning of this per Merriam Webster Dictionary

The word misanthrope is human to the core—literally. One of its parents is the Greek noun anthrōpos, meaning "human being." Its other parent is the Greek verb misein, meaning "to hate." Misein also gave English misogamy ("a hatred of marriage"), misogyny ("hatred of women"), misology ("a hatred of argument, reasoning, or enlightenment"), and misoneism ("a hatred, fear, or intolerance of innovation or change"). Anthrōpos also joined forces with phil- (a combining form meaning "loving") to form the Greek ancestor of philanthropy ("active effort to help other people"). We also find anthrōpos when we delve into the foundations of the word anthropology.

and an example: 
"Many feared that we would become asocial creatures, misanthropes who would rather hide behind the safety of a screen than face the intimacy of a spoken conversation."
— Jenna Wortham, The New York Times, 22 May 2016

I have come to realize that it is more suitable for someone who is asocial and would rather be a wall flower and not communicate with others - but then again these are also people who keep things inside of them and let the hatred grow until it has no more room to grow and finally explodes - so does the word describe both the wallflower and the psychopath?  What do you think?

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  1. I don't think it describes either the wallflower or the psychopath.

    For me a misanthrope has turned off people in some sense.