Sunday, August 21, 2016


The other day while I was going over orders from my Avon customers, I noticed a Direct Delivery order (that's an order someone places online, to be shipped directly to their address)....and saw that my customer had moved.  She didn't move very far - across the bridge...about 30 minutes away (on a non-traffic day, ha ha) but then I realized I was sending her brochures to the local address near my house.

After contacting her to verify, I immediately changed her address in my computer.  It then got me thinking about "moving".  I know people who have moved 4-5 times in their lifetime and then there are people who have lived in the same house all their lives.  My in-laws for instance.  MIL grew up in the house she lived in, married and stayed there and passed away there.  I on the other hand have lived in two counties and 7 neighborhoods....I lived in 3 neighborhoods when I was single and when I married we moved 4 times.

I wonder if there are any others who have stayed in one house?  It was common years ago especially when members of the same family all lived on the same block....but today with traveling as easy as ever, people tend to move away more often - because of jobs, because of disasters, because of climate, because of needing larger houses.

How many times have you moved?  Why?


  1. How neat that your MIL lived in the same house all her life. I can remember living in 5 different homes/condos growing up because they would raise the rent too high and we'd have to move. Since I've been married, we lived in 3 places: an apartment and 2 houses - 1 we moved due to work.

    1. Yes she grew up there. It was a 4 family house so when she married, they took one of the apartments...

  2. Not counting college, I've only moved twice. I moved from my parents home to my apartment, and then to the house where I live now with my husband (he already had this house). Although we talked about moving when the boys were younger, I no longer see us leaving this house and I'm okay with that.