Thursday, August 18, 2016

It's soooo hot

The weather here in NY has been unbearable.  I hate being in the house but also the air quality is not the best.  So I make small trips and find myself going into air conditioned stores and the car and restaurants.  Last week we had our annual block this heat.  No problem, had plenty of help and finally had the time to sit outside, under the canopy, and talk with friends, family and neighbors.

The kids were running around and going into the water slide, keeping cool.  The rest of us were trying to drink to keep hydrated....except me.  Sometime later I got up to go to the bathroom and made it as far as the steps of my house..the block spun around.  Both my daughters-in-law came to my rescue with bottles of water - after drinking 5 of them....I was able to get up off the stairs and see straight.  I have never felt that way before and have realized how dehydration is so scary and dangerous.

I now carry a bottle of water careful out there.

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