Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How much does it cost? FREE

Everyone loves Free.  I shop online a lot and look for #freeshipping always.  I usually find it, and if not I will then search for coupons to give me off at least as much as the shipping would charge.  I also love free items.  Do you?

Well, now for a short period of time (Expires August 31, 2016) I will be giving away free samples of Avon. (US only) How do I do this?  In one simple step...all you have to do is register on my Avon website.  There is absolutely no requirement to purchase anything on my site.  But you must register, and fill out the form so that I know where to send the samples.  That is all there is to it.  Now who doesn't like FREE....just follow the instructions below.....AND if you would like to receive a Catalog from me (to be sent out with my next mailing), please comment CATALOG YES ....  I will get your address info from the registration form you fill out and send one.

Have a great day and remember #FREE (no strings attached) Please read instructions below carefully -
free samples
click here for link to get to my website.

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