Monday, July 11, 2016

Science Day

Now that I am on vacation for the summer, I enjoy taking grandkids to various places.  One of my favorites (and his) is the Hall of Science.  C. loves science and it is all hands on.  Various discoveries he goes for.  Plants, aeronautics, robots, cells, colors and lights.  They even have a house of mirrors. I particularly loved that one - one made me look so skinny....

Spinning wheels
to make you dizzy

house of mirrors to make you skinny

not bad

a little miniature gold

practicing baseball
The day ended by ..............getting some ice cream!

C. is off to Florida tomorrow to visit his other grandparents.  Going to miss his smile and interesting conversations....but he will return to finish the summer with us.....planning the zoo, aquarium, movies and of course our annual block party!

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