Saturday, July 2, 2016

I hate bugs...

When I was a child I hated bugs but had a daddy that took care of all that.  Now that I am a grown woman...I still hate bugs.  But as a grown up we all compensate for our fears and deal with our stuff.  So I squash them when I have to and swat the flying ones.  But I still hate them.  With summer brings the bees and flies....and of course the mosquitoes.

That Zika stuff going around frightens me too...but alas, not because I sell it, but I have taken to buying Bug Guard from Avon and not only does it smell great but it works.  I keep the giant size on the table and use it often on the grandkids.

There is a great sale going on now - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE - and you can purchase it right here

Directly from my estore

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  1. I don't like bugs either! My husband or oldest son are the ones who get them for me now. My dad used to get them for me too. That's a good deal on the bug stuff at Avon.


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