Thursday, June 2, 2016

We have changed

Everyday we change.  Besides our clothes, our hair or our jobs...change is always in the air.  The world changes....the city changes...old buildings come down and new ones go up.  I lived in a one family house on an avenue...when I moved out it was bought by a builder who demolished it and built a condo - 6 stories high.

Now there are 6 families at an address that used to house one family.  But change is part of our lives and unless we accept it....we will not be happy at all.  So with that I would like to tell you about the changes in Avon.  It's not your grandmas Avon any more.  Not just makeup...some lipstick, foundation, mascara and eyeliner....Avon has come a long way.  Not into makeup at all?  Fine, come take a look at all we have....Browse our catalog 

And find things like Avon Bug Guard to keep those mosquitoes away.  Now at a great price, soon to go up.  Fragrances like Imari....has been with Avon a long time, or try something new like Luck.

Jewelry that is durable and and silver alike, rings and necklaces and earrings.  And then there are the clothes....from dresses to blouses to shoes.....children's items and household items. Last but not least an old favorite of mine...Skin So Soft - from bath oil to lotions to foot care....

Not convinced?  Take your time and browse the brochure (click on the book).....register on my website and you will receive free samples and emails with discounts....or try ordering...use the code WELCOME and receive a 20% discount.  You are already sitting at your computer....just a few more clicks to see what's new and changed at Avon.

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