Monday, June 13, 2016

Just a quick look

Have you ever noticed when you are involved in something - anything - that you become more aware of things in your surroundings involved in it.  Not making sense?  Well, take me for instance.  Ever since I started selling Avon and have learned about the products that I sell I have started to take quick looks around me - like the makeup that woman on the supermarket line is wearing.  How about the lady next to me in the movie I am at - her elbows looked very dry.

I notice wrinkles and dry skin; I notice lipstick color and nail polish color.  Do I push myself on people....HEY BUY AVON.  No, I am not that outgoing but little by little I try to reach out to others in the hope that yes, they are interested in beauty products by Avon.  And if they are not into makeup then there are loads of other things, like clothes, shoes, children items, creams, bath items, fragrances, etc. they might be interested in.

Recently I posted on Facebook that if you would like emails from my Avon store then just leave a comment with your email address and I can put you on my emailing list to get discounts, coupon codes and great buys. I am happy to say it is working so I have decided to add it to my blog.....want emails about Avon along with discounts and great buys?

Leave a comment here with your name and email address and  I will place you on my email list to receive great deals.


  1. That's neat that you're noticing things like that now. I'm not so outgoing either, so it would be hard for me to sell anything. I'm glad to hear you've been getting sign ups for your emailing list.

  2. It takes a lot of time that I dont really have now...but planning to step it up during the summer when I am off...