Sunday, April 3, 2016

Old Age Sadness

The title of this post is one I thought hard and long about. This is a true story and I have many since I have lived quite a long time (but not long enough) and now that I am an Avon Rep I come in contact with many people.  I love being a Rep and have thought about retiring my school secretary job and putting more time into my Avon business.  The people you meet are amazing.

Sure some people look at me like I have two heads...Avon? no way, I dont like, use, care for makeup (some of them really need it)...but I understand...I tell them about all the other items Avon sells - clothes, household items, children items and decoration items....but they still dont want anything.  But that is alright.

And then I came along EG.  She got one of my books, checked it out and loved the watch they offered.  It had big numbers and it was white.  She called me 4 times to order - I should have realized then that something was wrong.  But I figured she was old and repeats herself and probably forgot she ordered already.  When I asked how she would like to pay for the order, she said by check because she has lots of money.  And then one day I received a call from her caretaker/social worker.  It seems EG orders like this all the time and since she does her money is controlled by her caretaker and the checks she has are from an account that was closed.

Her social workers did say to go ahead and order the watch, she would send me her check and to go ahead and deliver the watch to EG....but to remove her from my list of customers, no more books and do not take her calls.

I found this so sad but understood having had my FIL live with us until he was 94.  He sometimes acted this way especially when those Publishing Clearing House envelopes came saying he won a million dollars....old age scares me and makes me sad....

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  1. My 9 year old son and I love reading that comic strip together. It's always funny! That's so sweet about the lady and the watch. It's good that she has a caregiver that takes such good care of her.