Saturday, April 9, 2016

I just have to do it....

I stay up late sometimes doing it.  I do it in the doctor's office, at home, in the car, at work and in the summer on the deck or front porch.  I love to do it and do not go one day without doing it.

Reading...that is.  Yes another one of my addictions.  I carry a Kindle with me at all times and if I am waiting for any period of time...I open it up and continue with the story I am reading.  What genre?  I love mysteries and thrillers and have found some wonderful authors, new and old.  I started loving books when I was 16 and my first book was "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn".

From there I read every books I could get my hands on - either buying them or getting them from the library.  I now own a Kindle so I never want for any books...having hundreds of them on me at all time.  Even when I went on my cruise, there were books galore I could read.

I instilled the love of books in my children and now have my grandchildren doing the same.  I have a basket in my living room filled with children's books and if I find they love a particular series, well, ordering I start doing.  Are you a bookworm?

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  1. Here's something else we have in common! I also love to read. I bring my kindle to all my/my children's appointments. I also bring it to school to read at lunch, since I usually have to eat in the classroom by myself. I also read at night before bed. I love how many free books are available for kindle.

  2. love my Kindle. Do you belong to Goodreads? They have so many authors and books there - check it out at am listed under "BeaderBubbe" lol Thats where I get info on all the books I read.

  3. I do belong to Goodreads, thanks. It is a good place to get info. about books.