Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Coffee and......

more coffee....Yes, I am addicted.  If I ever had to give it up I dont know what I would do.  Every morning my day starts off with coffee.  I then pick up my grandsons to go to school, and then make a stop at Dunkin Donuts. I would love donuts but alas I stick with coffee.  Iced coffee with almond milk only.  The grandkids get their bagels and cream cheese for morning breakfast and off to school we go.  The cup I use is 24 oz so I try not to get anymore coffee that day but sometimes I do need another cup - especially if it is a long and hectic day.

Not only do I love coffee but I belong to a Facebook group who loves coffee and if I think I love it....well, these lovely people have cups and shirts pronouncing their love of coffee.  They drink many more cups than I do and some of them even have their own coffee bar in their house.  Cups are hung on walls and they have various types and flavors of coffee.  They drink it late at night - something I cannot do unless I want to be awake all night.  And they bring their coffee with them wherever they go.  I can understand this part because I have been in places (like hospitals) and got their coffee which tasted terrible.  Some diners dont know how to make coffee either.  I then order tea.

Does your day start with coffee?


  1. I only drink coffee one day a week - on Saturday mornings when I get back from grocery shopping. I really love my coffee, and I hope someday when I'm retired, I'll be able to drink it every morning.

  2. Oh my....one day a week? I have to have it everyday...and on Sunday usually two...cant do without my coffee. Even belong to a FB group called COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE lol

  3. I drink coffee in the morning...just a cup or two though. Have to drink decaf because of the caffeine. I drink decaf iced tea besides coffee also.