Saturday, April 16, 2016

a beautiful day but.....

So we finally have that great weather.  A sweat shirt is good...get out in the sun...This weekend we had two of our grandsons over for a sleep over.  Did some shopping, set up the deck chairs and table. Play some basketball.....get ready to eat dinner out (favorite of the boys)..........and then 102 fever.

It was a hectic week with the citiwides being taken and all the kids anxious about passing.  So we did plan a great weekend but it took a different course.  Of course his brother just got over the flu so we are thinking they will be sharing it.  Gave him Tylenol, called his mom who just got over the little one sick and hubby with sunburn (2nd degree burns from a business trip to Mexico) what next.

Reminds me of when I was a SAHM with five....they used to take turns sharing their germs and I was really staying at home.  Well, there will be warm days ahead...and the sick one is now in the kitchen watching youtube.....laughing.

All is not that bad.  Next stop--Urgent Care

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