Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Want to look younger?

Everyone does..but no one takes care of their skin.  If you want anything at all, you have to work for it.  And that goes for beauty.  How do you think all these actresses look so great?  Of course they have help and people who do things for them, but in the end it is the work of cleansing, and moisturizing that gives them their beautiful skin.....Tina Turner is in her 70s.....and she looks real good.  But I am sure there is not a night she goes to bed without washing and moisturizing her 
skin.  And not only her face...the rest of her body too.

Need to firm up try Dramatic Firming of my best sellers.
Need to clear up those spots from your face ...Banishing Cream for skin discoloration.
Need more moisture to your skin....Replenishing Cream

All these creams are only $3.99  .... a bargain if I ever saw one.

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  1. That's a good deal. I was already thinking when I run out of my current face moisturizer, I'll have to buy some from your Avon store.

  2. My biggest seller is the face creams....Just sold 9 more today...they also have mini-creams for $5.99 for you to try before you buy the more expensive ones...they are a two week supply...called Anew...and of course I use them myself....

    1. Wow, Agnes, congratulations on all those sales! Mini creams sound like a great way to try the product for the first time, thanks.