Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Funday

Sitting here at my laptop trying to type but that is not going well.  You see, last Thursday I came down with a head cold.  So sneezing and wiping my nose through Friday was the norm for me...Now I find that the head cold has moved....into my chest, so Saturday and Sunday found me coughing constantly.  But the world doesnt stop because I am sick.

Sitting here at my laptop I am paying bills, after I cleaned off the table from breakfast that I made. After bills are paid I am going to stop a while and have a cup of tea....then back to paying bills.  Then there is laundry and also submitting orders for my Avon business.  I find that life does not stop when you get "you" I mean the ladies because when a man gets sick...well, the world stops around him and he lays on the couch and gets served.  But for us the world still goes on and the only thing I am grateful for this time is all my children are grown.  Otherwise, serving them would also be on the agenda.

I also go to work full time besides my part time job.  So both are on the list to be done this week.  So going for some more tea and honey....blowing my nose and coughing....and then to empty the garbage....pick up day tomorrow!

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  1. I'm sorry you are sick. I enjoyed your post, because it is so true! When the woman is sick, she still has to get everything done, usually without any help. I went through that in February myself. I wish I lived closer, because I'd come over and help take out your trash.