Friday, April 29, 2016

How will you save your family?

Going away this summer?  To the Caribbean ... to the beach house ... on a cruise ... and you have a family that all the mosquitoes just flock to?

Well Avon has you covered....I use it, my children use it, my grandchildren use it.  I love sitting on my back deck during the summer but am always eaten up by the bugs.  Those pesky mosquitoes and the big horse flies.  So I have plenty of Avon Skin So Soft around to ward them off.

Starting in Campaign 12 (or now if you log onto my estore) you can purchase aerosol  sprays, pump sprays, lotions of SSS bug repellent.  And it works because I use it.  I even spray the screen doors on my deck to keep them away.  On a trip?  Get the towelettes to go in your purse...It is DEET free, gentle and long lasting.  The lotion is water resistant.  It contains Vitamin E, is non greasy, pleasant scent, hypoallergenic and dries quickly.

Right now the prices are great.  Get them before regular pricing kicks in.
Pump spray - reg. $14 is now $6.99
Aerosol spray - reg. $16 is now $7.99
Towelettes - reg. $14 is now $6.99 for a pkg of 8

Get yours at


  1. Sounds good for my husband and son if they go on a camping trip with the boy scouts.

    1. Best part is it works and the smell better than some brands like OFF. I live near a creek and the bugs are always out at night...but this works. It will be in the next campaign...