Saturday, March 12, 2016

Girl Scouts

Many moons ago when my daughter was still in elementary school and I was an active parent in her school (all my children are grown now with children of their own)....but I love to look back on those days.....there was a meeting one Friday afternoon about having a Girl Scout Troop in our school.  My daughter, being excited, and I went to it to get the info and perhaps sign her up.  There was a big turn out at the meeting, the Girl Scouts did their spiel and all the girls were super excited to have a troop in our school.

And then we were all asked who was going to lead this troop.  Would you believe no one raised their hand.  Nice idea but dont get me involved.  Great place to drop your kids, but dont ask me to being angry that these parents would not step up to the challenge...I myself volunteered.  I was the mother of five children, an active PA parent....and I volunteered to take on 15 young girls and teach them how to be Girl Scouts.  Something I knew nothing about.  But we did the whole nine yards because that is the way I am.  We did crafting, bowling, earned badges, sold cookies etc. for the whole term.

And during that time not one mother helped me with any of the things we did.  I collected the dues, bought the craft items, looked into the how-to to do the craft and taught every one of those girls.  I loved it ... the girls loved it ...but would have been happier if there was help.  My point: why do parents not get involved in what their children are involved in?  As a school secretary I have been privy to parents who wont come to school - whether it is for a meeting or their sick child.  I know parents work and are busy but I cannot fathom why parents do not put their children first.....isn't that why we have them?  Would love to hear your comments and thoughts on this.....


  1. T'was ever thus, Agnes! As a former District Commissioner for Girl Guides of Canada, a volunteer for youth political groups in the UK, and member of the Women's Institute in my teens, there were always no volunteers to help, or a group of "volunteering types" who all got inundated! You're talking human beings, I fear! I do so agree with your thoughts though!

  2. I don't know why people don't step up to volunteer, Agnes. It's the same at church too. It's very frustrating. I think people might just be tired. They work all day and when they get home, they just want to relax, I don't know.

    1. Or is it that people are just too into themselves. I see it at work constantly. Call a parent about their child and their attitude is they are busy, and their priorities are not their children....let someone else do it. And this even goes for sick children...I have been told to let them stay in school...even when they have fevers. I enjoyed the time I worked with Girl Scouts, it was very fulfilling and was lucky that my hubby was able to care for our other children at home while I led the troop.