Thursday, March 17, 2016

Free shipping

Do you always look for free shipping when you order online?  Do you also look for coupons for discounts? I know I do....I shop a lot online because I hate the crowds and long lines just to check out. But when I shop online I also hate to pay for shipping and full price.  I think everyone would love to do that.  I know people who dig away at bargains and get items for next to pennies.

So now  when I shop online I dig away for discounts like 20% off or free shipping.....I also add Ebates if available....I save a lot of money and get paid back for shopping.

The best part of all this savings is that Avon now has loads of them.  Go to RetailMeNot and put in a search for will always find coupons for discounts and free shipping.

You can "Like me on FB" where I post discounts every week.  You can register at my estore to receive emails from Avon for discounts and if you are an Ebates customer, it will pop up every time you go shopping.  Try it today and save money.....

1 comment:

  1. I never knew you could find coupons for Avon online! Thanks for the great tip.