Thursday, March 10, 2016


What did we do before Facebook?  How did we manage to keep in touch with our friends?  We were never aware of where they were, what they ate and how they were feeling.  Unless we were outside with them all day and actually exchanged words.  Today's youth will never know the joy in calling up to a window "Can Jonny come out to play" - today they text.  They will never know the joy in hanging out on the front stoop (you do remember the stoop) in all kinds of weather and unwilling to go inside until finally your mom called out the window for you to come in.

Today's youth will not know the joy of playing games on the potsy, hopscotch and hit the penny.  But even though my children grew up on these games, played outside....I still see them sitting staring down at their phones. Life whizzes by and then you are gone....we must learn to enjoy life....not be attached to our electronics....and on that note I will stop typing on my laptop and get out on this semi-beautiful day (a bit cold, but sun is out and it is not raining or snowing).

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