Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Daylight Savings Time....I got up on Monday the usual time....got dressed, made breakfast, packed lunch and was ready to leave at 7 am to pick up the grandkids to take to school and it hit me that IT WAS DARK OUTSIDE.  It took me five minutes to figure out that we set the clocks ahead and that was why I was now leaving for work in the dark.

As I get older I find myself hating to drive at night.  The glare from the headlights are annoying and I feel a bit more tense since I have to be more aware of all those crazy drivers out there.  I am sure you felt it too.  The drivers that think since it is dark out they dont have to obey the traffic lights or stop signs.  They just dash right through them and of course they are always in a hurry.  To do what?  Get to work?  Has anyone ever thought that if they get into an accident....they will be very late to work!!!

But never being the pessimist - I look on the bright side...daylight will stay longer into the night.  The closer we get to summer the later the night fall comes.  So I will look forward to sitting on my patio with a glass of wine way into the evenings....how does Daylight Savings Time affect you?


  1. I know, it's dark when I take my daughter to school in the morning! She and I have been really tired these past few mornings. My son always says it seems too early to eat dinner because it's still light out. One nice benefit is we should save money on electricity since we don't have to turn the lights on so early.

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  3. I've been liking that the days are longer, but it always is hard to get used to at least for a couple of weeks in the morning. Last night we drove home from my brothers for Easter (he lives two hours away). It was nice that it was still light out till about 8:00 at night. I agree, I don't like driving at night since I've gotten older. It is harder to see and is more stressful.