Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Your lips

When you look at someone's face...where do you look first?  A person's eyes, nose, lips...cheeks or hair?  I have a habit of looking at the lips.  First I am not fond of my lips...so I am interested in others.  Mine are like my eyes...way too small.  I like full lips and I love women who wear lipstick.  No matter the size of one's lips....lipstick is always better on them.  Of course, I am not fond of dark dark colors....like your blacks or reds....but I have found so many wonderful red-like colors....

Red Supreme, Coral Fever, Hot Plum, Wild Cherry, and Ravishing Rose....now those are colors....and Avon has introduced them for only $5.99

When was the last time you spend only $5.99 for lipstick?

Don't like Matte lipstick...how about Beyond Color with a shine? and for only $4.99

Get yours before the price goes up at www.youravon.com/ashapiro


  1. Those colors look so pretty! I'll have to check them out.

    1. If there is any color you would like to try, I would be happy to send you a sample...just give me the name and color and I will send it out to you...no problem.

    2. I would love to try the ravishing rose matte lipstick. It looks so pretty.