Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oh No

So I  have been having this problem walking lately.  Thinking it was because I was overweight, I went on a diet (not an easy thing for me) but I did manage to lose 23 lbs (in a year :() but the pain in my leg still continued.  So I finally make an appointment at a vein clinic thinking it was my veins because at one time I was diagnosed with venous insufficiency.  But alas after a long drawn out sonogram on both my legs....I am fine.  Actually the venous insufficiency is in my left leg - which doesnt hurt.

So then I went on to an orthopedic on recommendation of the vein doctor and have now found out that I need knee replacement surgery.  Of course it is not an emergency so I have time to decide because it would mean 3 days in the hospital and weeks of rehab.  And I am not ready to be limited in my activities.  So meantime I take an inflammatory med when I really hurt and I am careful how I walk since the knee tends to give out at any time.  I have been through too many surgeries to jump right into this one.  Should I wait until school is over? and spend my two months off nursing my knee?  And what about my Avon business?  Will have to think this one out.....

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  1. Oh, I'm so sorry Agnes. My mom had knee replacement surgery about 4 years ago. It is a long recovery time, but she isn't in pain when she walks now. It is a tough decision to make whether to have the surgery, and when to have it. I will be praying for you.

  2. Thanks Brenda...havent decided to do it yet because I need to be getting around. Cant imagine not driving for weeks and since hubby doesnt drive...would be stuck in house. Meantime am trying Move Free which helps a bit and when we get snow (Friday was bad) I am taking an anti-inflammatory pill...dont use the often because then they bother my

    1. That would be difficult not being able to drive. I've heard of that Move Free before, and I'm glad it's helping you some. Do you take the anti-inflammatory pill with food? I know that's supposed to help ease the stomach discomfort.