Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Whole Week

The best thing about working in a public school is just when you think you are going to burst from all the work, hassle and just normal busy day....along comes a vacation.  No one understands working in a school.  They think "how hard is working only 180 days a year....vacation in Dec, one in Feb and another in we have two months in the summer off...."

Sounds good, doesnt it?  Well it is not all roses and even though I am not a teacher, even as a secretary there is not one day in all those 180 (by the way, secretaries work 2 extra days to finish up all the paperwork)....that we can honestly say it was quiet, boring, relaxing and just a great day.  From the Principal down to the custodian, we all work so hard.  Just imagine staying in the house  with almost 1,000 children...all different ages, all with different needs.  It is not only teaching them, but also feeding them, helping with coats, laces, tears, injuries, and emergencies.

I have been doing this for almost 26 years and still havent decided if it is time to retire.  I love the fact that everyday is two are alike in any way.  On any given day there could be an emergency and we call 911 and deal with it.  It makes me think that teachers do not have it easy and even though they are dealing with 25-30 children in class - each child has different needs and even if they are the same needs....handling it may require different tactics.  The day goes fast BUT really never ends....I see some of my teachers taking home huge tote bags...and many go home to children of their own.

So the next time you rag on a teacher for only working 180 days.....remember, they are teaching your children under the most exhausting conditions.  I wish everyone could spend one day in a class teaching....just to understand why we need this whole week off.

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  1. What an awesome, well-written post! Everything you said is so true! It is a very exhausting job! I know I'm only a substitute, but it is a long day dealing with all the different personalities all day. I know that teachers have it much harder, because at least I get to go home at the end of the day and be done, but they don't. Everyone working in the school system definitely has more roles that they play, other than just their job title. Great post!